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Things That Indonesian Often Look For on Google

What things are often searched for by Indonesian people on google? Well, in this topic, Google also revealed a shift in Indonesian consumer behavior. This shows the desire of the Indonesian people so that brands better understand the changing needs of their needs and that the new generation increasingly considers environmental sustainability important.

Therefore, most people will definitely look for things related to the conditions and atmosphere of the environment that occurs at that time. So, below we will give a little few Things What Indonesians often search for on google this year. Let's continue to follow the following related articles.

Things That Indonesian Often Look For on Google
Gambar oleh Aditio Tantra Danang Wisnu Wardhana dari Pixabay

Things That Indonesian Often Look For on Google

1. What Categories Are They

In this first category, there are 10 things that are also often sought after by the Indonesian people on the internet, including ghosting, learning quotas, gabut, lockdown, rebahan, WFH, recession, corona virus, PSBB, and Among Us.

2. Whose Category

In this category, there are 10 figures whose names are often searched by the public on the internet, including Bintang Emon, Tara Basro, Najwa Shihab, Hyun Bin, Kim so Hyun, George Floyd, Seo Ye Ji, Budi Karya, Joe Biden, and Djoko Tjandra.

3. Categories How To

Community activities in the midst of the pandemic yesterday have indeed been restricted. No wonder people often find out about how to make or do something. There are 10 most sought after things in this category, including how to register resellers, how to become a beginner YouTuber, how to become an MSME, how to make hand sanitizers, and how to become an artist.

In addition, there are also ways to log in to Google Classroom, how to become a dropshipper, how to become a writer, and how to become an Impostor Among Us.

4. Character Departure Category

The current year is indeed full of shocking sad news. A row of famous public figures have passed away all year now. There are 10 figures who have passed away and whose names are most often searched on the internet, including Gleen Fredly, Didi Kempot, Omas, Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Lina Jubaedah, Ashraf Sinclair, Naya Rivera, and Ade Irawan.

5. Recipe Categories

In this category, there are 10 recipes that are most sought after by the public including donuts, Dalgona coffe, odading, mercon meatballs, beef rendang, teflon milk pie, pempek dos, and home-cooked pizza.

6. Song Lyrics Category

There are 10 song lyrics that are most often sought after by Indonesians including Lathi (Weird Genius ft Sara Fajira), Dynamite (BTS), Psycho (Red Velvet), Ignorant (Rizky Febian), and Erase Your Traces (BCL ft Ariel Noah).

There's also How You Like That (Blackpink), Yummy (Justin Bieber), Savage Love (Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685), Before You Go (Lewis Capaldi), and finally Heather (Conan Gray).

7. Movie Categories

In this category, there are 10 film titles that are most often sought after by the public, including Tilik, Crash Landing on You, Milea, The World of the Married, Mariposa, Mulan, Money Heist, It's Okay to Not Be Okay, Nanti Kita Cerita About Today, and Bucin.

8. News Category

In this last category, it is represented by a pre-employment card, a list of online MSMEs, PLN stimulus, omnibus law, Sunda Empire, Covid-19, Krakatau eruption, 75 thousand money, Jakarta PSBB, Jakarta floods. Well, that was a little bit about the things that Indonesians often look for on google. Hope it is useful. Thanks.

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